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A family-owned international architectural and engineering group with revenues of $60 million that specializes in interior and exterior design for large corporate clients.

Services Provided

Turnaround and Crisis Management


The cash-strapped professional services firm was burdened with oppressive buyout agreements from a vigorous acquisition plan. It suffered from a shrinking revenue base, lack of management oversight of its operations and finances, an expiring line of credit, and a lender frustrated with financial restatements. The lender believed that value was present but was uncertain how to capitalize it.

Our Role

Beane Associates, Inc. immediately identified the cash drain and redirected cash flow toward operations. We then focused management on initiatives that would preserve cash while returning the company to profitability. These measures included lease restructurings, division divestiture, use of ERP software to improve communication company-wide, and adjustments to the pay structure to dramatically improve professional utilization rates. We devoted additional resources to the financial department, which then provided strategic direction in line with the priorities of ownership and the lender and eliminated financial restatements while improving reporting.


The client immediately began generating cash, returned to profitability, performed to projections and re-established its credibility with the lender. Six months after the plan was presented to the bank, the company received an 18-month extension on its credit facility.


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